Out Sales Representative
Responsibilities and duties consist of: - Finding new customers interested in the products offered
- give follow-up to the quotations of qualified customers to negotiate prices.
- Manage control over customer selection.
- Induce, evaluate and monitor the customer, price and quality and delivery of products to customers.
- Check the logistics to ensure the delivery of goods sold to customers with the required documentation.       -Communicate adequately to the clients the information that the company prepared for them about the products and / or services that it commercializes, such as: promotional messages, slogans, technical information, etc ...
-Advise clients: 1) about how the products or services offered can meet your needs and desires; and 2) how to use them appropriately so that they have an optimal experience with them.
-Give feedback to the company informing the appropriate channels (such as the sales department and the marketing department) of everything that happens in the market, such as: 1) customer concerns (requirements, complaints, claims, acknowledgments, suggestions, and other relevance); and 2) activities of the competition (introduction of new products, price changes, bonuses, etc ...). Send Resume at annesagroup@hotmail.com
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Ubicación: Florida , Sweetwater
Fecha: 4-Ene
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