¡L`ESSENTIEL ECUADOR, logra que usted recupere sus parpados caídos!
U$ 900
The Blefaroplastia; it is a procedure to extract the fat and the excess of skin and muscle of the top and low eyelids. The blefaroplastia can correct the fall of the top eyelids and the bags of the low ones, characteristics that do that we seem to be major and more tired than we are and that, in some cases, they can interfere with the vision. Rejuvenate and seem different (o) with L'ESSENTIEL! EQUATOR, visit us in the half of the world with a complete and comfortable service, where we will drink to him, I move, demurrage, supply in excellent sites and especially an enjoyment is our cities of Quito. Dare to enjoy of an excellent change this 2018! For major information: communicate to (+593 987507938) - (02 2435819); route online aaps261290@hotmail.com
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Ubicación: Louisiana , Aloha
Fecha: 10-Ene
Precio: U$ 900
Tel: +593...(ver teléfono)
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