Have you excess of fat in your abdomen?
U$ 1.990
It is very important that the men and women who want to carry out an abdominoplastia are near his ideal weight or to have moderate overweight. This option is ideal for patients with excess of abdominal skin or abdominal weak muscles, L'ESSENTIEL, relies on excellent professionals the one who today drinks; safety, confidence, satisfaction, remembers that turn well it is not alone for women!. Visit us in the half of the world with the only package, where it includes passage, demurrage, supply, accomodations, etc. We will be with you through, with an excellent result that will offer to him satisfaction! .Para major information: communicate to (+593 987507938) - (02 2435819), route online: aasp261290@hotmail.com.
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Ubicaci├│n: Hawaii , Hawi
Fecha: 11-Ene
Precio: U$ 1.990
Tel: +593...(ver tel├ęfono)
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