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Gary Fisher

Here are some of our best offers:
2011 Cervelo S1 .. 1,150Eur
2011 Cervelo S2 ..2,750Eur
2011 Cervelo S3 .. 2,800Eur
2011 Cervelo R3 .. 3,100Eur
2011 Cervelo RS .. 1,750Eurr
2011 Cervelo R3 SL .2,100Eur
2011 Cervelo S3 Olympic Edition..3,600Eur
2011 Cervelo P4..3,500Eur
2011 Cervelo P3 2011 Brazil Ltd. Edition..3,500Eur
2011 Cervelo P2..1,300Eur
2011 Cervelo P1 Ultegra SL..1,050Eur

2011 Pinarello FP3 Centaur..1,650Eur
2011 Pinarello prince Fire..2,200Eur

2011 Bianchi C2C Infinito Athena 11s Compat Bike 1,500Eur
2011 Bianchi Mono-Q 105 Compact...1,000Eur
2011 Bianchi C2C Via Nirone 7 Alu Carbon..1,050Eur
2011 Bianchi Pista Via Condotti..500Eur

2011 Cannondale SynapseCarbon 5 Compact Double 1,050Eur
2011 Cannondale SuperSIX 3 Double..1,500Eur
2011 Cannondale SuperSIX HI-MOD..2,100Eur
2011 Cannondale Caad9 5 ..1,000Euro

2011 Colnago ACE Veloce Racing 7..1,200Eur
2011 Colnago EPS Road .. 2,100Eur
2011 Colnago CX-1 Road..1,600Eur
2011 Colnago Limited Edition Ferrari..4,500Eur

2011 Litespeed C2.. 2,700Eur
2011 Litespeed C1.. 1,600Eur
2011 Litespeed C3.. 1,750Eur

2011 Argon 18 E-114..2,000Eur
2011 Argon 18 E-112..1,600Eur
2011 Argon 18 E-80..1,000Eur

2011 Scott Addict RC..3,200Eur
2011 Scott Addict R1.. 2,100Eur
2011 Scott Addict R2.. 1,600Eur
2011 Scott CR1 Pro..1,550Eur
2011 Scott CR1 Elite.. 1,300Eur
2011 Scott Plasma 10..2,100Eur
2011 Scott Plasma LTD..1,650Eur

2011 Trek Madone 4.5C .. 1,350Eur
2011 Trek Madone 5.9 Pro..2,200Eur
2011 Trek Madone 6.5 Pro..2,750Eur
2011 Trek Madone 6.9 Pro..3,500Eur
2011 Trek Equinox 7 Tri..1,100Eur
2011 Trek Equinox TTX 9.0 Tri..2,100Eur
2011 Trek Equinox TTX 9.5 Tri..2,400Eur

2011 Quintana Roo Cd 0.1..2,100Eur
2011 Quintana Roo Tequilo..1,000Eur
2011 Quintana Roo Chicqilo..1,050Eur
2011 Quintana Roo Seduza..1,150Eur

Ellsworth Bike
Ellsworth Epiphany..Eur2,800
Ellsworth Moment..Eur2,600
Ellsworth Truth..Eur2,400

Custom Mountain Bikes
commencal meta 666...Eur1,850
commencal meta 5 ...Eur1,650
commencal meta 5.5.3....Eur2,000
commencal meta 5.5.2....Eur2,300
commencal meta 5.5.1...Eur2,700
commencal meta 4.1...Eur2,150
commencal super 4.2...Eur2,400
commencal super 4.3...Eur2,000
commencal combi s...Eur1,100

Rocky mountain sxc 70....Eur2,000
Rocky mountain etsx...Eur1,700
Rocky Mountain Element Team. Eur2,000

Rock lobster tig team sl 09...Eur1,200
Rock lobster tig team 853 09..Eur1,300

Merlin malt 4-09..Eur1,100
Merlin malt 2-09...Eur900
Gary Fisher Cake 1 DLX....Eur2,000
Giant Anthem 1... Eur2,300
Giant Reign X0.... Eur2,300
Giant Trance 1....Eur1,800
Jamis Dakar XC Pro... Euro1,050

Kona Dawg Primo..Euro1,500
Kona Kula Supreme...Euro2,500
Kona Stinky..Euro1,900

Santa Cruz Blur LT..Euro2,400
Santa Cruz Nomad.. Euro2,000
Santa Cruz V 10... Euro2,500

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