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Dear Sir/Madam,

We introduce ourselves as direct lenders offering loans to ongoingbusinesses seeking financing. We finance businesses for expansion capital,working capital, construction projects, and factoring. Our main strengthis that we are able to be more creative with financing than normal lending allows.

Our competitive loan packages are geared for businesses seeking financingfrom 1m to 100M USD. One of our mandates is to also place funds for ourinstitutional investor clients. We entertain requests in the energy,manufacturing, telecommunications and real estate sectors but are notlimited to these industries.

Here is a brief outline detailing our lending procedures.
1. You can visit our website(
2. Submission of a Business Plan and/or Executive Summary.
3. Our terms and conditions are from 3-6% per annum and we can lend up to10 years depending on the project.

Kindly contact our Business Development Officer by email or phone if youwish to commence a proposal for financing with us. Once we receive yourapplication we would revert back to you within 5 business days, in orderto proceed with our review and approval process.

With kind regards,
Mr.Bryan Osborne
Business Development Officer.
First Morgan Capital Group

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