Villa The Dominator, a beautiful residential area of ​​La Falda,  10/12 blocks from the center. Our resort is built on the highest part of the neighborhood, which gives us excellent panoramic views towards the hills, and the possibility to breathe clean air all year round. Just by entering the complex you are filled with a deep peace and tranquility (which gave meaning to our name) and predisposes you to enjoy nature and the rest you are probably looking for.
There also activities for all ages: trekking, parapending, motorcycling, swimming, sailing in lakes, horse riding, mountain climbing or descending (rappel), exploration of caves, and activities for children in special parks, games, etc.

* The complex consists of 6 cottages. There are 2 for 2 people and 4 for up to 4 people.
* All rooms are equipped with refrigerator, microwave oven and tableware.
* No need for air conditioning as the cabins are fresh, (all have ceiling fans in each room).
* All rooms are well heated.
* Breakfast is served in the cabin. Consists of coffee, milk, cocoa, tea, what you prefer best, criollitos, croissants, butter, mermelades, homemade baked cakes or pies, chocolate pastry and natural orange juice.
* The site has an area of ​​grills (with tables and chairs nearby), trees, rock outcrops, tables and chairs and parasols in several places, solarium near the pool.
* The pool is fenced. The water is not heated but we have mild weather conditions in autumn (March, April, May) and spring (september, october, November), very short winters (June, July, August) and long summers (December, January, February) when you can enjoy of our beautiful rivers and streams with a view to the hills.
* There is a covered sector to park your vehicle within the premises. In case you have more than one car per cottage it must be left outside the covered area.
Our resort is registered in the Ministry of Tourism of La Falda, in the Ministry of Tourism of the Province of Córdoba, and the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation.

Do not hesitate to re-contact us for any clarification or additional information you require.
Book in advance at licensed resorts.
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